Input strings are :

InputStr1 = 'this-is-a-boy-5';
InputStr2 = 'this23-is-a-boy-10';
InputStr3 = 'this-41';

Output should be :

Output1 = ['this-is-a-boy'] [5]
Output2 = ['this23-is-a-boy'] [10]
Output3 = ['this'] [41]

I want to split these strings into two parts such that I can separate the first string and last number from it. I have tried strsplit() but It didn't help.

  • What's your regex ? Also post your code. – user2705585 Apr 7 '16 at 6:12

Try splitting on the - which appears before number from end of string.

Regex: -(?=\d+$)


  • (?=\d+$) looks ahead if the number is at end of string. And matches the - before it. You can split on this.

Regex101 Demo


This should work (assuming there is number always in last)

data = 'this-is-a-boy-5'
toks = regexp(data, '(.*)-(\d+)$', 'tokens');

If you want to use strsplit you can use it as

toks = strsplit(data, '-(?=\d+$)', 'DelimiterType', 'RegularExpression');
  • Up vote for better use of regex than the accepted answer. – Arleigh Hix Apr 12 '16 at 7:29

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