How can i get Length of "grid_table" element? I have the following REPL tree output: RELP tree outuup

For now I can only get the "grid_table" element, but not its "container" elements or at least "grid_table" Length. Is it possible? Or I can only get elements by "container" Id?


To count all direct children for grid_table, use:

app.Query(q => q.Id("grid_table").Child()).Length

To count all elements with id 'container' that are descendants of "grid_table", you could use:

app.Query(q => q.Id("grid_table").Descendant().Id("container")).Length
  • Hi, @Ruud Kobes, I've already reached my goal with this line of code: var lv = App.Query(q => q.Id("grid_table").Child("LinearLayout")); But thanks :) – ichernob Apr 8 '16 at 14:15

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