I wrote a basic app using Tessnet2 and now trying to move it to a WebForms website.

Copied the logic etc. but when I run it I get an error message(Exception: DllNotFoundException)

"An exception of type System.DllNotFoundException" occured in Tesseract.dll but was not handled in user code.
Additional information: Failed to find library "liblept172.dll" for platform x86."

As said above, this code works as a C# console and after applying necessary logic to move it to the website I thought I moved everything correctly but keep getting this error. Any thoughts where to look?


Digged it out a bit deeper and the part that fails is actually ILibraryLoaderLogic

IntPtr LoadLibrary(string fileName);

Even if the file is actually there? (there appears to be platform difference in what


returns as the console runs under x64 but website under x86)


Obviously quite long after the fact, but in my situation it turns out the machine I deployed to didn't have the VS2015 x86 & x64 runtimes installed. The runtimes are dependencies as described here: https://recordnotfound.com/tesseract-charlesw-26531


Another issue that can appear is that the respective libs are not set to copy to the Output Directory. The way I solved it was by changing the "Copy to Output Directory" setting for the x86/x64 libs to "Copy always/if newer", then everything worked as expected

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