From Python:

>>> import os
>>> s = os.stat( '/etc/termcap')
>>> print( oct(s.st_mode) )

When I check through Bash:

$ stat -f "%p %N" /etc/termcap
**120755** /etc/termcap

Why does this return a different result?


This is because your /etc/termcap is a symlink. Let me demonstrate this to you:


$ touch bar
$ ln -s bar foo
$ stat -f "%p %N" foo
120755 foo
$ stat -f "%p %N" bar
100644 bar


>>> import os
>>> oct(os.stat('foo').st_mode)
>>> oct(os.stat('bar').st_mode)
>>> oct(os.lstat('foo').st_mode)
>>> oct(os.lstat('bar').st_mode)

Conclusion, use os.lstat instead of os.stat

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