Is there a way to do logic operation in {{#if}} statement? I was hoping for something like:

{{#if A && B}}
  some html

I couldn’t find documentation about logic in blaze, so I guess it’s not supported. I just wanted to be sure. Sorry for the rather stupid question...

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As Billy Bob suggests, you would need parameterized helpers. Here are two global helpers you could use in any context:

  return a && b;
  return a || b;

Then you could use these with:

{{#if and a b}}
  a and b are both true-ish
{{#if or a b}}
  a or b is true-ish

Spacebars is designed to avoid including logic operations in the html. But it does not mean you can't have one : you need to use helpers. Basically, you have 2 conditional cases:

  • The simple {{#if something}} and its twin {{#unless something}} (understand it as "if not"). This is what you want, and your helper would look like this

      something : function () {
         return A && B
  • The more complicated {{#if something 'value'}} where you use an argument for your something helper :

       something : function (value) {
          if (value === true){
            return true
          } else {
            return false

here is my version :

Template.registerHelper("and", function() {
  return Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments, 0, -1).filter(arg => arg == true).length == arguments.length - 1;

Template.registerHelper("or", function() {
  return Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments, 0, -1).filter(arg => arg == true).length > 0;

You can now use x arguments to check, like :

{{#if and check_1 check_2 check3}}

You will notice the slice(0,-1), Blaze add one more argument to the function.

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