I have 2 lists of images with 2 different size.

One is thumbnail images (already cached by SDWebImage).

One is original images, these images will be loaded when user tap to view detail cell.

The question is I want to put thumbnail image as a placeholder with SDWebImage.

There is a function to do it:

cell.image.sd_setImageWithURL(NSURL(string:orgimgurl!), placeholderImage: UIImage())

However, how to pull and set UIImage as a placeholderImage from cache it its exist?


One way is that you can pass the thumbnail image to the detailView and then use it in the parameter when loading original image.

Or Try

NSString *key = [[SDWebImageManager sharedManager] cacheKeyForURL:url];
UIImage *cachedImage = [[SDImageCache sharedImageCache] imageFromDiskCacheForKey:key];

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