I am getting this unexpected behaviour of Android studio.It is showing me this error 'Unable to create Debug Bridge: Unable to start adb server: error: could not install smartsocket listener:' Android studio was working fine before updating (it was 1.5), as soon as I updated to Android studio 2.0 I started facing this issue.This is error screen comes when i start android studio

I checked in task manager and could not find this port(5037) being used.What is the actual cause of it I could not figure this thing out.Any help?


Are you using Genymotion?

If yes than my solution might help you. The issue is that genymotion uses its own adb server instead of Android SDK adb server (with the same port number, which is a conflict obviously). To fix this go to Genymotion -> Settings -> ADB and choose Use custom Android SDK Tools. Possible restart is needed.


Hope it will help you.


In my case Just Restart or Turn OFF or ON it will work fine..

In some cases if u use Genymotion then it conflict with the Android Studio ADB Just Kill it and start ADB from PlateForm Tools Inside SDK

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