getting started with spark I would like to know how to flatmap or explode a dataframe.

It was created using df.groupBy("columName").count and has the following structure if I collect it:

 [[Key1, count], [Key2, count2]] 

But I would rather like to have something like

Map(bar -> 1, foo -> 1, awesome -> 1)

What is the right tool to achieve something like this? Flatmap, explode or something else?

Context: I want to use spark-jobserver. It only seems to provide meaningful results (e.g. a working json serialization) in case I supply the data in the latter forml


I'm assuming you're calling collect or collectAsListon the DataFrame? That would return an Array[Row] / List[Row].

If so - the easiest way to transform these into maps is to use the underlying RDD, map its recrods into key-value tuples and use collectAsMap:

def counted = df.groupBy("columName").count()
// obviously, replace "keyColumn" and "valueColumn" with your actual column names
def result = counted.rdd.map(r => (r.getAs[String]("keyColumn"), r.getAs[Long]("valueColumn"))).collectAsMap()

result has type Map[String, Long] as expected.

  • Unfortunately (even though the format is now the same as github.com/spark-jobserver/spark-jobserver/blob/master/… the WordCount example I still receive no JSON but rather my Map ... – Georg Heiler Apr 11 '16 at 8:34
  • "I still receive no JSON but rather my Map"... what do you mean? Where? Are you running your job via the server's REST API (e.g. using curl) or are you running the main in the job itself? If it's the latter, of course you'll get the map and not a JSON, when you call a method returning a Map it returns a Map, there's no magic. – Tzach Zohar Apr 11 '16 at 8:45
  • nope via the REST API ;) – Georg Heiler Apr 11 '16 at 8:46
  • the wordcount returns { "result": { "a": 2, "b": 2, "see": 1, "c": 1 } I get "result": "Map(1364767200000 -> 1.9517414004122625E15, 1380578400000 -> 6.9480992806496976E16)" for my job – Georg Heiler Apr 11 '16 at 8:48

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