I want to implement a convolution-deconvolution network for a image segmentation project. In the deconvolution part, I am planning to upsample the feature map by 2. e.g. The original feature map is of dimension 64*64*4 and I want to upsample it into 128*128*4. Does anyone know a tensor operation that does this? Thanks!

  • Are you sure you're looking for an upsampling operator and not conv2d_transpose? – jkschin May 30 '17 at 9:29

You could use tf.image.resize_images(). It takes batches of images or single images and supports the most common methods such as bilinear and nearest_neighbor.

Here's the link to the TensorFlow API reference: resizing

You can also take a look at how the upsampling operation is implemented in a higher-level API such as tflearn. You can find upsample_2d and upscore_layer in their Github repo: conv.py

Note: the output might be cast to tf.float32 in older TF versions

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