Is ngrok a safe tool to use? I was reading a tutorial which recommended to use ngrok test API responses that I make to outside services that need to connect to my endpoints also.


I found good rating, but vacuous information here:


The kicker for me is


where the Atlassian folks recommend it highly.

I think I am going to use it.

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  • Its secure as long as you are using it for testing and not using it for something persistent. – Mohd Abdul Mujib May 13 '19 at 21:06
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    so it is secure because atlassian doesn't care? c'mon :) – cool breeze Aug 21 at 17:12

There is no source code available for Version 2.0, considering it started as an open source project in 2014. I am suspect of any code that opens a tunnel to my localhost from the cloud. Pretty scary stuff especially without source code!

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If anyone is concerning compromising their development environment, you can use Docker. There are many ngrok/docker projects but here is the one I chose: https://github.com/gtriggiano/ngrok-tunnel

for macOS, use "TARGET_HOST=docker.for.mac.localhost"

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It opens up a tunnel to your dev machine, which is partially secured by obscurity (a hard to guess subdomain), and can be further secured by requiring a password. But you're still opening yourself up to ngrok itself, and the company is completely opaque (no address, no employees, no business name, no LinkedIn presence; all I can find is that it has 1-10 employees and is private; not even sure what country its based in). On top of that the code is not open-sourced. No reason to think they're not legit, but not a lot of information available to build trust.

You may be able to use ngrok and other local tunnel services with more security by encrypting the traffic. See https://security.stackexchange.com/questions/177280/end-to-end-encryption-for-localtunnel-ngrok-setup/177357#177357 for more information.

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