I thought 2048 security violation error were mean to happen when trying to access other domains.

I got:

"Security sandbox violation: cannot load data from", isn it the same domain? what is the solution ?

on doing

var loader:MultipartLoader = new MultipartLoader("");

Did i miss something ?


Despite being called "crossdomain" policy files, the policy actually applies to the combination of both the domain and port: localhost:80 and localhost:443 are not the same thing as far as FP's security policy is concerned. I also don't think that the Flash Player itself assumes a default port of 80 so "localhost" and "localhost:80" are not treated as the same either.


You could also try a relative URL, if Jon Romero's suggestion doesn't work:

var loader:MultipartLoader = new MultipartLoader("/create/");

Try using, localhost. If that doesn't work just create a crossdomain file.

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