I have started using knitR and latex and am liking the quality of the output (previously used R markdown). In an .Rnw file is it possible to specify to keep the intermediate tex file that is created on conversion as there are some things I would like to change in the tex file for formatting purposes and it would be easier to do that as I go, rather than all at the end. Currently whenever I 'Compile pdf' in knitr, the tex file is replaced. I have read you can do this in an .Rmd file, but I can't see how to specify in .Rnw.


  • This questions seems to be the result of a misconseption. When the RNW is compiled to PDF, the conversion order is RNW --> TEX --> PDF. Therefore, the TEX file will be overwritten each time. The "keep TEX" option means that the TEX file is not deleted after the PDF has been created. It does not mean that the TEX file is not overwritten. – CL. Apr 22 '16 at 20:07
  • As @CL mention the file will be overwritten each time by Rstudio (which uses knitr) when you click "Compile pdf". What type of formatting do you do that you cannot do in the .Rnw file? – Benjamin Christoffersen May 16 '18 at 21:28

just knit to .tex:

library("knitr"); knit("input.Rnw", output="input.tex")

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