I want to pass an object as a parameter to a Converter. Since I can't do that using a ConverterParameter, I have used a DependencyProperty instead.

Here is the code -

public class FilteredColumnConverter : DependencyObject, IValueConverter
     public DataGridFilter FilterObject
         get { return (DataGridFilter) GetValue(FilterObjProperty); }
         set { SetValue(FilterObjProperty, value); }

     public static readonly DependencyProperty FilterObjProperty =
     DependencyProperty.Register( "FilterObj",
     new PropertyMetadata(null));

     // With implementations for Convert and ConvertBack


     <helpers:FilteredColumnConverter x:Key="filteredColumnConverter"
              FilterObject="{Binding myFilterObj}"/>

I'm getting the following error :

A Binding cannot be set on the FilterObject property of type FilteredColumnConverter. A Binding can only be set on a DependencyProperty of a DependencyObject.

What seems to be the problem? I have a FilterObject is a dependency property and I have followed the naming conventions as well.

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    FilterObj should be FilterObject. . – Gopichandar Apr 12 '16 at 7:29

try register DP with name FilterObject not FilterObj

DependencyProperty.Register("FilterObject", ...

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