i have seen further question answers but cannot get a clear answer.

foreach (HtmlNode cat2 in doci.DocumentNode.SelectNodes(".//a/@href | //img/@src"))

in this i am getting src in img tag i want to download that image and store it into database.what should i do? is it possible with html agility pack to download image if so, then tell me how to get and assign it to a variable then i can store in my DB

var imagePath = cat2.Attributes["src"].Value;

this is not working too

  • I have no idea why my answer is being down-voted.I have shown in my answer exactly how to retrieve the image and assign it to a variable (which is what the OP asked for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) – Seany84 Apr 12 '16 at 22:29

The code you have write will only get the link of the image and u can save it in your DB and then make a client use that stored URL of the image and then u can download the image thanks

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  • ohh thanks thanks dude for all your support people don't even reply and i am blocked from asking questions thank u again – Shah Rukh Apr 22 '16 at 5:39

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