So I have a sample dataset which I need to plot using Matlab. The columns look like this:

Plot Table Data

Obviously due to this data set the plot looks exceptionally condensed.

enter image description here

Now I am totally new to plotting and statistical data processing.

What can be done to make the data plot more visually comparable/perusal-able (plotting at larger intervals?)?

Here's the code I wrote:

fid=fopen('me.dat', 'r');
s=textscan(fid,'%s %s %f %f', 'headerlines', 1);


  • can you upload your sample data file so that we can try a few things out ? – Harjatin Apr 12 '16 at 22:41

When I have this kind of problem, I usually use the following methods:

1) Plot only every certain point. If you have 1D arrays a and b and you want to plot, say, every 5th point, use plot(a(1:5:end),b(1:5:end)), instead of plot(a,b). This works, because a(1:5:end) returns a(1), a(6), a(11), ..., so that you will plot roughly 1/5 of your data points. Here you simply omit most of your data points, so I prefer the second method.

2) If you have Image Processing toolbox, use imresize. Before plotting, resize your data aplot=imresize(a,0.2); If you want to decrease the size of your array by a factor of N, the second argument of the imresize should be 1/N. This generally works better, since you have an idea what's going on in your full dataset.

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