I created a stateful service with the out-of-the-box partitioning:

<StatefulService ServiceTypeName="ExamplesServiceType" TargetReplicaSetSize="[ExamplesService_TargetReplicaSetSize]" MinReplicaSetSize="[ExamplesService_MinReplicaSetSize]">
            <UniformInt64Partition PartitionCount="[ExamplesService_PartitionCount]" LowKey="-9223372036854775808" HighKey="9223372036854775807" />

The service manifest sets the params to (out-of-the-box as well):

 <Parameter Name="ExampleService_PartitionCount" Value="1" />
 <Parameter Name="ExampleService_MinReplicaSetSize" Value="2" />
 <Parameter Name="ExampleService_TargetReplicaSetSize" Value="3" />
 <Parameter Name="WebService_InstanceCount" Value="1" />

Now I want to call to to my stateful service from my stateless service in the same cluster:

 ServiceUriBuilder builder = new ServiceUriBuilder(ExampleServiceName);
 var service = ServiceProxy.Create<IExampleService>(builder.ToUri(),new ServicePartitionKey(1));

 return service.MyCallAsync(id);

I'm getting the following error:

The primary or stateless instance for the partition 'a67f7afa-3370-4e6f-ae7c-15188004bfa1' has invalid address, this means that right address from the replica/instance is not registered in the system

The stateful service I'm trying to reach logs to the event logs and the logs carry "partitionId": "a67f7afa-3370-4e6f-ae7c-15188004bfa1".

What am I missing?


I wasn't registering a remote as explained at http://vunvulearadu.blogspot.com/2016/04/azure-service-fabric-primary-or.html

        protected override IEnumerable<ServiceReplicaListener> CreateServiceReplicaListeners()
        return new[] { new ServiceReplicaListener(context => this.CreateServiceRemotingListener(context)) };
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    Thanks a lot for sharing your solution, this cured my headache. ;) – Kristoffer la Cour Apr 27 '16 at 11:45
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    CreateServiceRemotingListener is an extension method in this namespace, so make sure you add a using Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.Remoting.Runtime; for those who can't find that extension method. – SondreB Jun 11 '16 at 21:03
  • @mayu : I facing the same issue but I'm calling a stateless service inside the actor application, and i dont have CreateServiceReplicaListeners() method to override, any idea on how this must be done for actors? – Vinodh Dec 13 '16 at 15:07
  • @Vinodh: stateless services have similar method CreateServiceInstanceListeners() instead, you should override it with protected override IEnumerable<ServiceInstanceListener> CreateServiceInstanceListeners() { return new[] { new ServiceInstanceListener(this.CreateServiceRemotingListener) }; }. – MaGu Dec 23 '16 at 16:28
  • Argh, what a pain. Well done! Just for the people who can't find this method, you need to add using Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.Remoting.Runtime; – Hugo Nava Kopp Jun 23 '17 at 11:16

In case anyone else comes here wondering what to do for stateless services, this works for me:

protected override IEnumerable<ServiceInstanceListener> CreateServiceInstanceListeners()
    return new[] { new ServiceInstanceListener(context => this.CreateServiceRemotingListener(context)) };

For those of you using Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.Remoting version 3.3.638, I found that there was no extension method called CreateServiceInstanceListeners(). I only found CreateServiceRemotingInstanceListeners() and CreateServiceRemotingReplicaListeners() in Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.Remoting.Runtime.ServiceRemotingExtensions.

This code compiled for me:

    protected override IEnumerable<ServiceInstanceListener> CreateServiceInstanceListeners()
        return this.CreateServiceRemotingInstanceListeners();

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