How can i fix this anyone please? When i create a new session tmux new -s sample_session The list of errors always appeared.

  • home/glennfield/.tmux.conf:3: unknown command: bell-action
  • /home/glennfield/.tmux.conf:4: unknown command: bell-on-alert
  • /home/glennfield/.tmux.conf:5: unknown command: default-command
  • /home/glennfield/.tmux.conf:6: unknown command: default-shell
  • /home/glennfield/.tmux.conf:7: unknown command: default-terminal
  • /home/glennfield/.tmux.conf:8: unknown command: destroy-unattached
  • /home/glennfield/.tmux.conf:9: unknown command: detach-on-destroy
  • /home/glennfield/.tmux.conf:10: unknown command: display-panes-active-- colour

    Here's my tmux.conf

assume-paste-time 1
base-index 0
bell-action any
bell-on-alert off
default-command ""
default-shell "/bin/bash"
default-terminal "screen"
destroy-unattached off
detach-on-destroy on
display-panes-active-colour red
display-panes-colour blue
display-panes-time 1000
display-time 750
history-limit 2000
lock-after-time 0
lock-command "lock -np"
lock-server on
message-command-style fg=yellow,bg=black
message-style fg=black,bg=yellow
mouse-resize-pane off
mouse-select-pane off
mouse-select-window off
mouse-utf8 on
prefix C-b
prefix2 none
renumber-windows off
repeat-time 500
set-remain-on-exit off
set-titles off
set-titles-string "#S:#I:#W - "#T""
status on
status-interval 15
status-justify left
status-keys vi
status-left "[#S] "
status-left-length 10
status-left-style default
status-position bottom
status-right " "#{=21:pane_title}" %H:%M %d-%b-%y"
status-right-length 40
status-right-style default
status-style fg=black,bg=green
status-utf8 on
visual-activity off
visual-bell off
visual-silence off
word-separators " -_@"


You need to fix your tmux.conf The commands you use don't exist or are uncomplete

Ex : you should use display-panes-colour instead display-panes-active-- colour full command should be something like : set-option -g display-panes-active-colour colour33

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