I have a problem updating a sprite.

I created a function to change clothes. This should work like:

// Something like this.
pet = pet_with_hat

There is code at https://github.com/futer/pandachii in in js/main.js, line 387.

When I write this:

this.pet = this.game.add.sprite(90,90, 'pet_black_hat')

There is an error:

 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'health' of undefined
 GameState.update @ main.js:194
 Phaser.StateManager.update @ phaser.js:16628
 Phaser.Game.update @ phaser.js:23092
 Phaser.RequestAnimationFrame.updateRAF @ phaser.js:41421
 _onLoop @ phaser.js:41407

How do I change the sprite image for this pet to another?

I will be grateful.


The problem is you're replacing the existing this.pet with a new Phaser.Sprite, which then doesn't have any of the custom properties you set.

You can use loadTexture() to replace the image used for the pet sprite.

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  • I'd also highly recommend updating the version of Phaser that you use. Some of the functionality is now deprecated in certain browsers, and you'd be missing out on performance improvements. Having gone through a number of tutorials, the number of breaking changes is generally relatively small, and they're easy to find solutions to when they do occur. – James Skemp Apr 14 '16 at 3:49
  • Aww... That is so simply solve :( Thanks you dude very much :) – Tomasz Jeznach Apr 14 '16 at 8:25
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    Also another tip: you are using a lot of small sprite files, which could make loading and performance slower. I'd recommend using something like Leshy SpriteSheet Tool to put them all into one single file, save the sprite-map as a JSON-TP-Hash, and then use Phaser.Atlas to load the sprites. – BdR Apr 14 '16 at 15:22

For Phaser 3 you can use setTexture:

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If you want to select a different sprite in the same texture atlas that you loaded with scene.load.atlas(), then you can call


Hope this helps.

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