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HTML select list with height values as follows. When button btn-change-height clicked i want to change select value as 500 and text as 5'0". but text is not changing. why?

$("#btn-change-height").click(function() {
    $("#heightSelect1").val('5\' 0\"').change();  
<select class="btn nav-height-select" id="heightSelect1" autocomplete="off">
    <option value="400">4' 0"</option>
    <option value="401">4' 1"</option>
    <option value="402">4' 2"</option>
    <option value="403">4' 3"</option>
    <option value="404">4' 4"</option>
    <option value="405">4' 5"</option>
    <option value="406">4' 6"</option>
    <option value="407">4' 7"</option>
    <option value="408">4' 8"</option>
    <option value="409">4' 9"</option>
    <option value="410" selected="selected">4'10"</option>
    <option value="411">4'11"</option>
    <option value="500">5' 0"</option>

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You should use value of option to select it so your code should be :


If you want to select option with text 5' 0".

Hope this helps.

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