Using kramdown and rouge for markdown syntax-highlighting in a jekyll blog, I'd like to prevent long lines of code from wrapping onto a new line. I'd like to be able to use a horizontal scrollbar to reveal the rest of the content.

Here is the jekyll config:

markdown: kramdown
  input: GFM
  syntax_highlighter: rouge

I'm using the base16.solarized.dark css theme generated by the rougify command.

Here is an example code usage:

```` js
console.log("some code") // and a really really long long long comment which i'd like to not wrap onto the next line
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Boostrap is adding a white-space: pre-wrap rule in order to help code block readability.

If you want you code block to avoid this wrap, you can edit your css/data-creative.css and add

pre code{
  white-space: pre;
  • I tried setting this property before but maybe I was applying it on the wrong element/ set of elements. Thank you! – s2t2 Apr 15 '16 at 0:13

You have somewhere a CSS rule that for the code element sets white-space: pre-wrap. Add the following rule to override it:

code {
    white-space: pre;

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