I'm using SafariViewControllerto display a webpage, and rather than the default "done" button I push from my app's NavigationController to preserve my nav stack and back arrow. However, I need to hide the default Done button and search bar on the SafariViewController. Is that possible yet? See my code and screen shot below...

let svc = SFSafariViewController(URL: pinterestSafariURL)
            navigationController?.pushViewController(svc, animated: true)

enter image description here

note: linking to this question, but the answer is a hack whereas I was looking for a solution using SafariViewController API : SFSafariViewController: Hide navigation bar


Per Apple's documentation on SFSafariViewController, there does not appear to be a publicly-accessible way to hide either the Done button or the URL bar. Apple suggests that you use WKWebView if you need a custom browser interface.

There's a AppCoda tutorial on WKWebView that shows you how to create a ViewController with an embedded WKWebView. Hope that helps!

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    Thanks, yes that's what I have found as well. Easy one =) – GarySabo Apr 15 '16 at 19:40

Brace yourself for ugliness and brittleness:

extension MyViewController: SFSafariViewControllerDelegate
    func safariViewController(_ controller: SFSafariViewController, didCompleteInitialLoad didLoadSuccessfully: Bool)
        let f = CGRect(origin: CGPoint(x: 0, y: 20),
                       size: CGSize(width: 90, height: 44))
        let uglyView = UIView(frame: f)
        uglyView.backgroundColor = svc.view.backgroundColor

obviously origin y needs fixin' for iPhone X for this to work more or less. I'd love to see Apple fix this with .none done button styling available in iOS 14.

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