Hi I am running a spring MVC app but due to java.lang.IllegalStateException I am

not able to run it.

Here is the Exception

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Neither BindingResult nor plain target object

for bean name 'unixModel11' available as request attribute

For your reference some class and JSP page



public class TroubleController {

@RequestMapping(value = "/index", method = RequestMethod.GET)

public ModelAndView welcomePage(Model model) {

    return new ModelAndView("index","unixModel11", new UnixModel());  

    @RequestMapping(value = "/loginUNIX", method = RequestMethod.POST)

   public String checkUnix(@ModelAttribute("unixModel11")UnixModel 

unixModel,ModelMap model) {

model.addAttribute("userName", unixModel.getUserName());

      model.addAttribute("host", unixModel.getHost());

      model.addAttribute("port", unixModel.getPort());

      return "result";




Myriad Trouble Shoot

Trouble Shoot Application


    <td><form:label path="host">Host Name</form:label></td>

    <td><form:input path="host" /></td>



    <td><form:label path="userName">User Name</form:label></td>

    <td><form:input path="userName" /></td>



    <td><form:label path="port">Port Number</form:label></td>

    <td><form:input path="port" /></td>



    <td colspan="2">

        <input type="submit" value="Submit"/>




package com.myriad.ihc.bean;

public class UnixModel {

private String host;

private String userName;

private Integer port;

public String getHost() {

return host;


public void setHost(String host) {

this.host = host;


public String getUserName() {

return userName;


public void setUserName(String userName) {

this.userName = userName;


public Integer getPort() {

return port;


public void setPort(Integer port) {

this.port = port;




i have added the commandName also in jsp page as

form:form method="POST" action="loginUNIXs" commandName="unixModel11"

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