My string is "csm15+abc-indiaurban@v2". I want only "indiaurban" from my string. what I am doing right now is :

var lastindexofplusminus = input.LastIndexOfAny(new char[]{'+','-'});

var lastindexofattherate = input.LastIndexOf('@');

string sub = input.Substring(lastindexofplusminus,lastindexofattherate);

but getting error "Index and length must refer to a location within the string."

Thanks in Advance.

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    "Index and length" - you are passing two indexes. – Blorgbeard Apr 15 '16 at 4:03
  • then how to achieve only "indiaurban". Can you please give me the right substring. – N2J Apr 15 '16 at 4:06
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    Did you understand my comment? If so, you should be able to work it out yourself. – Blorgbeard Apr 15 '16 at 4:17

You should put the length in the second argument (instead of passing another index) of the Substring you want to grab. Given that you know the two indexes, the translation to the length is pretty straight forward:

string sub = input.Substring(lastindexofplusminus + 1, lastindexofattherate - lastindexofplusminus - 1);

Note, +1 is needed to get the char after your lastindexofplusminus.
-1 is needed to get the Substring between them minus the lastindexofattherate itself.


You can use LINQ:

string input = "csm15+abc-indiaurban@v2";

string result = String.Join("", input.Reverse()
                                     .SkipWhile(c => c != '@')
                                     .TakeWhile(c => c != '+' && c != '-')

Console.WriteLine(result); // indiaurban
  • That seems like crazy-overcomplicating a simple substring operation.. – Blorgbeard Apr 15 '16 at 4:18
  • I like the idea of Reverse(). – stomy Sep 4 at 23:38

You can simple reverse the string, apply substring based on position and length, than reverse again.

string result = string.Join("", string.Join("", teste.Reverse()).Substring(1, 10).Reverse());

Or create a function:

public static string SubstringReverse(string str, int reverseIndex, int length) {
    return string.Join("", str.Reverse().Skip(reverseIndex - 1).Take(length));

View function working here!!

  • In the SubstringReverse function you are missing a Reverse. It should be str.Reverse().Skip(reverseIndex - 1).Take(length).Reverse() – stomy Sep 4 at 23:50
  • Index's are usually Zero-based. It would be less confusing if it is Skip(reverseIndex). – stomy Sep 4 at 23:53

I don't know what is identify your break point but here is sample which is working

you can learn more about this at String.Substring Method (Int32, Int32)

String s = "csm15+abc-indiaurban@v2";
        Char charRange = '-';
        Char charEnd = '@';
        int startIndex = s.IndexOf(charRange);
        int endIndex = s.LastIndexOf(charEnd);
        int length = endIndex - startIndex - 1;
        Label1.Text = s.Substring(startIndex+1, length);

Assuming that your string is always in that format

string str = "csm15+abc-indiaurban@v2";
string subSTr = str.Substring(10).Substring(0,10);

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