So there was this big announcement that you can now write Windows apps using React Native.

The announcement links to a Github page which in turn leads to some description on how to install React Windows

After spending a few hours installing Visual Studio and dependencies, SDKs and whatnot, I've got this "ReactNative" solution built in Visual Studio but I still can't figure out how to even start writing a simple Hello World program.

All the documentation points to how to write Android or iOS programs in Visual Studio Code, but there's no indication on how to write a UWP program.

Does anyone know where to start? What is the Visual Studio equivalent of "react-native init"?

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After you've run react-native init AwesomeProject

cd AwesomeProject
npm i --save-dev rnpm-plugin-windows
react-native windows

This will generate the Visual Studio solution for your project and the index.windows.js entry point. Visual Studio Code is a great tool for editing React Native JavaScript.

To run your app just run react-native run-windows.


There is currently no out-of-the-box solution released for UWP Apps with React Native. The only known App with UWP support currently is the F8App, there is a blog post about how they ported it.


You are almost there, the answer is at the command line you do "react-native init" - you don't do it through Visual Studio. See https://github.com/ReactWindows/react-native-windows#getting-started

The Visual Studio project creates a UWP project which knows how to load and run react-native js code. The VS code is just a wrapper basically.

To start off a new react native project on windows, open the command line ad do the following:

REM This is the same on Mac or Windows..
react-native init AwesomeProject 

cd AwesomeProject

REM You need to install the react package manager
npm install -g rnpm

REM Add the rnpm-plugin-windows into your package.json
npm install --save-dev rnpm-plugin-windows

REM This will create a "windows" folder in your project folder, 
REM the eqivalent of the ios and android folders.
rnpm windows

REM You will now have a windows folder with a AwesomeProject.sln file
REM You need to start the packager which projects the Javascript bundle to the runtime

react-native start

REM Open the solution in VS and run it, and you will see your app!

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