I am using Algolia instantsearch.js as my site search.

The setup process was rather easy and straightforward, including .js and .css files, creating templates and then create one more .js file with app() function for setting up my app (appId, apiKey, indexName) and widgets.

What I need is a function that will execute each time a search function ran, preferably right after the hits are shown.

Maybe there is a widget for that?



You can listen the render event like described here, it's an event triggered once all widgets have been rendered:

var search = instantsearch({...});
search.on('render', function() {
   // FIXME

You could also create a custom widget and do a specific action in the render method.

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    This solution fixed the problem for me, thanks! – Silver Ringvee Apr 15 '16 at 11:25

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