I recently changed from the Enthought Canopy Python distribution to Anaconda, which includes the Spyder IDE.

In Canopy's code editor, it was possible to comment and uncomment lines of code by pressing the "Cntrl+/" shortcut key sequence. In Spyder I was unable to find an equivalent shortcut key in the introductory tutorial.

Is there a shortcut key for commenting and uncommenting code in Spyder?

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  • Single line comment

    Ctrl + 1

  • Multi-line comment select the lines to be commented

    Ctrl + 4

  • Unblock Multi-line comment

    Ctrl + 5


On macOS:

Cmd + 1

On Windows, probably

Ctrl + (/) near right shift key
  • On Windows this does not work in Spyder. Instead, use Ctrl + 1, as suggested by other people.
    – mathreader
    Mar 9 at 16:40

While the other answers got it right when it comes to add comments, in my case only the following worked.

  • Multi-line comment

    select the lines to be commented + Ctrl + 4

  • Multi-line uncomment

    select the lines to be uncommented + Ctrl + 1


Yes, there is a shortcut for commenting out lines in Python 3.6 (Spyder).

For Single Line Comment, you can use Ctrl+1. It will look like this #This is a sample piece of code

For multi-line comments, you can use Ctrl+4. It will look like this

#============= \#your piece of code \#some more code \#=============

Note : \ represents that the code is carried to another line.

  • Unblock multi-line comment


  • Multi-line comment


NOTE: For my version of Spyder (3.1.4) if I highlighted the entire multi-line comment and used Ctrl+5 the block remained commented out. Only after highlighting a small portion of the multi-line comment did Ctrl+5 work.

  • you have to select only the code and uncomment, selecting the extra ##block and ctrl+5 did not work for me as well Jul 30, 2017 at 5:27

on Windows F9 to run single line

Select the lines which you want to run on console and press F9 button for multi line

  • 2
    The OP wants to comment a line, not to run it.
    – ITWitch
    Apr 6, 2017 at 5:34
  • Yes Flame Denise i just explained about the Shortcut keys
    – Pyd
    Apr 6, 2017 at 6:55

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