I recently found rdiff utility : http://beerpla.net/2008/05/12/a-better-diff-or-what-to-do-when-gnu-diff-runs-out-of-memory-diff-memory-exhausted/ that find differences between 2 huge files.

How can I use it in Windows? I am using PHP file to execute diff. Is rdiff the same way?

I want to implement the steps in the above link. Can I wrote it in PHP? and from where can execute rdiff? from Windows cmd? or cygwin cmd?


You will need to compile rdiff for Windows yourself as it's not readily available. It's not that difficult, you need to:
- download the librsync source from github.com/librsync/librsync/releases
- install Cygwin
- compile following these instructions librsync.sourcefrog.net/page_install.html
- profit :-)

If you'd like, you can use my MinGW x64 build from here - www.filedropper.com/rdiff-win-200


Here is another prepared windows binary for rdiff since other link in @H47 answer is not working - rdiff-2.0.2-win64.zip (mega.nz)

Compiled from librsync-2.0.2 using msys2 mingw64 gcc compiler.

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