I let user enter some code in my Flex3 (Flash 10) app and I want to do syntax highlighting.

Is there any open-source library that would help me?

I'll need a Lua syntax support, but I can add it myself if library has a resonable interface to do this.


Update on 21 Jan, 2009:

Check out Anirudh's port of google-code-prettify to ActionScript3, it has a very good example app as well.


I guess this wasn't even feasible till now.

With the new Flash Text Engine, maybe such text-based features will start showing up, and hopefully open source libraries that work like the FlashEff library.


I also wanted to do syntax highlighting, I found a example which works http://labs.searchcoders.com/text/

You will need to take their actionscript code and when people change the text in your text area then you will need to re-draw the syntax highlighting.

Basically I am doing this as I'm making my own IDE/Language in FLEX.


Try this: http://www.flashtexteditor.com/ftf/ or this: http://www.matthijskamstra.nl/blog/index.php/2008/06/04/actionscript-syntax-highlighting/

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