When attempting to install Service Fabric 2 from Microsoft Website, I tried to follow the link Install the Service Fabric runtime, SDK, and tools for Visual Studio 2015, which downloads an .exe file that fires up a Web Platform Installer (version 5.0).

When executing (with admin permissions) it doesn't find Service Fabric 2 enter image description here

Even when I search, I just get Service Fabric 1.5.x, which was already replaced by the new release version.

State of the computer

  • Windows 10, all updates applied to current
  • Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 installed
  • It does have Service Fabric 1.5.x installed currently, and it was working
  • enter image description here

Looking in another machine with Service Fabric 2 already installed, the Installer is able to find normally as expected. And it bears the same configuration: Win 10, VS2015, just have more RAM.

Is there another way to install?

Ps.: I verified and made sure that the installer file name downloaded from Microsoft website did not get changed.

  • I had same problem when trying to install azure-powershell from WebPI from this Microsoft Website. Exactly same error. Hopefully this is a temporary interruption. – Kai Zhao Apr 16 '16 at 0:53
  • I am also getting the same issue, looks like their feed at go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9842185 is currently moved / getting redirected. Due to which , web platform installer is unable to get the latest list – Abhilash R Vankayala Apr 16 '16 at 1:09

Since the original posting, MS has seemingly corrected the endpoint reference the Web Platform Installer was looking for: MS Azure Service Fabric SDK - 2.0.135 (VS2015)

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