I am trying to initialize a Keras neural net. My X is an matrix of shape (70000, 4) and I want 64 nodes in the first layer

model = Sequential() 
model.add(Dense(64, input_shape=(X.shape)))

The above syntax is incorrect. What is correct for my model.add()?


I think you have 70000 samples with 4 points each. In that case, use Dense (64, input_shape=(4,)) and it should work.

The net would iterate over the samples in chunks of batch_size, although your net is likely small enough that you can set batch_size to a few thousand, or even the same size as the input.

Old answer I thought each sample was 70000x4...

The Dense layer cannot take a matrix as an input. From the Keras documentation, Dense(n_nodes, input_shape=(n_inputs,)) is equivalent to Dense(n_nodes, input_dim=n_inputs), and that seems to be the only kind of input it takes. Here n_inputs is an integer.

You basically have two options: either flatten X before passing it to the network with X.reshape(-1), or use Reshape as the first layer, like this:

model = Sequential()
model.add(Reshape((X.size,), input_shape=(X.shape)))

You may be able to use Flatten instead of Reshape, although I can't tell from the documentation if Flatten can take an input_shape parameter.

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