I am trying to import data from Excel to SQL Server tables but I am getting this error. Can you please suggest how to avoid these.


Import data Errors


This is probably caused by the ACYR_ISN column beeing set to identity.

See this post for how to resolve the issue: https://stackoverflow.com/a/20953512/2280148

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You can import excel file into MSSQL database by using T-SQL.

DECLARE @strQuery AS VARCHAR(600),
        @strFilePath as VARCHAR(200),
        @TableName AS VARCHAR(50),
        @EmpCode varchar(8), 
        @Name varchar(50)

Declare @DataTable as table
       EmpCode varchar(8), 
       Name varchar(50)

SET @strFilePath='\\Path\Excel.xlsx'
SET @TableName='Sheet1'

SET @strQuery='select * from openrowset('
    SET @strQuery=@strQuery+'''Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0'''+','
    set @strQuery=@strQuery+ '''Excel 12.0;Database='+@strFilePath+''''+','
    SET @strQuery=@strQuery+'''select * from ['+@TableName+'$]'''+')'

insert into @DataTable 

declare curStaff cursor for
select * from @DataTable
open curStaff
fetch from curStaff into @EmpCode, @Name
while @@FETCH_STATUS =0
      //Do your work here by using data
    fetch from curStaff into  @EmpCode, @Name 
close curStaff
deallocate curStaff

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