Just looking for help working with some dates in R. Code for a simple data frame is below, with one column of start dates and one column of end dates. I would like to create a new column with the difference in days between each set of dates - start date and end date. Also, the dates are in different formats, so is there an easy way to convert all dates to a similar format? I've been reading about the lubridate package but haven't found anything yet on this particular situation that is easy for me to quickly learn as an R newbie. It would be great to link the answer to the dplyr pipeline as well, if possible, to calculate average number of days, etc.

Start.date<-c("05-May-15", "10-June-15", "July-12-2015")

End.date<-c("12-July-15", "2015-Aug-15", "Sept-12-2015")

  • Duplicate question: stackoverflow.com/questions/11666172/… – InfiniteFlashChess Apr 17 '16 at 4:17
  • Does that link answer your question btw? – InfiniteFlashChess Apr 17 '16 at 4:18
  • @InfiniteFlashChess It may appear as duplicate but it is not exactly duplicate. In this question, the End.date vector may have different date formats. – Kunal Puri Apr 17 '16 at 4:18
  • 2
    For the "12-July-15", it can be interpreted as either 2015 or 2012. – akrun Apr 17 '16 at 4:19
  • 1
    I would say library(lubridate);Reduce("-",lapply(Dates.df, function(x) {x1 <-sub("(.*)(\\b[A-Za-z]{3}).(-.*)", "\\1\\2\\3", x);parse_date_time(x1,guess_formats(x1, c("dbY","dby", "bdY", "Ybd")))})) would work in most cases except the one with ambiguous format i.e 12-July-15. For those cases, it is better to manually change the format before attempting this. – akrun Apr 17 '16 at 4:27

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