I am looking for a simple git-like cli argument parser like this:

$ app [global-options] command [command-options]

I tried commander, gitlike-cli, and few other cli parser libs---none of them seem to support segregation of global options from command-options.

commander seems to be supporting it. But when I delved deeper, I found issues. For example, I wanted a -v global option that would enable verbosity at global level. All I did was to set global.verbose = true; in index.js, and in the command specific index-subcmd.js, when I read global.verbose, it is not set!

Am I missing something obvious, or is my understanding correct that node ecosystem is lacking a lib with this functionality? Coming from Java background, I really miss airline.


I wrote a cli parsing library to support the usecase: wiz-cliparse.


I would also like to point out a library I wrote after being disappointed with the popular CLI tools. I created wily-cli to compete against those big name tools by providing more customization and CLI features, and attempting to be easier to use. Subhash's wiz-cliparse should definitely be able to help your use case, but if you need to create a more powerful CLI, I might recommend looking into wily-cli. For your use case, those "global options" would essentially be the the options of your initial command (from your example, that would be app). When creating an option, you would set the passThrough flag in the option configuration...

.option('example', 'Example option', { passThrough: true });

This will set the option to also be passed down to children/gandchildren/etc. commands

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