Dear wonderful community of stackoverflow,

Before I get to the point, I would like to give some brief introduction: I am a first year MS student in Natural language processing, my previous degree was linguistics and I've had no experience in maths and programming until now. The thing is, there is only 5 students in our group and we have programming and algorithmics classes with engineers who have a serious upper hand here. As much as I try and stay focused, it's really hard for me to grasp a lot of it. This is what we've covered in class: - time complexity - array searching algorithms - stacks and queues - sorting algorithms - recursion - recursion and induction - merge sort recurrence - binary trees and dictionaries

I am searching for a reliable resource that would help me clarify these topics. I am especially having trouble with recursion and time complexity.

The reason why I am having difficulties finding a good resource for studying is that the videos/tutorials usually cover a much bigger area or require some background knowledge I don't have.

Thank you very much for your help !

  • I bet there are so many answers if you just google. – Pavel Apr 17 '16 at 15:18
  • Of course! But I am rather looking for a systematic overview... I imagine I might be asking a lot, it was a desperate question :) Thanks for the reply anyways! – friselis90 Apr 17 '16 at 18:11

You will find a very good introduction to time complexity in this free online course. Hopefully you will be able to sign up for the recent run:


I recommend this course to any programmer. One of the best stuff on the web.

  • Thank you! The enrollment is still available and I'll get to it. Cheers! – friselis90 Apr 18 '16 at 15:45

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