When I generate entity classes using LINQ to SQL I get what I want but I get also a bunch of other Extensibility Methods Definitions.

For Example for myField (TEXT) I get:

   partial void OnMyFieldChanging(string value);
   partial void OnMyFieldChanged();

What's a common use for the extensibility methods above?


The most examples I have seen for overriding these methods is for validation use.

partial void OnMyFieldChanging(string value)
  if(value == valid)
    throw new Exception();

You can override these methods directly for each property or also override OnValidate() for the whole object

  • looks like a good place to plug a CustomValidator in there - doesn't look intuitive 'cause usually (without linQ) I validate stuff before creating the object that models entities
    – JohnIdol
    Dec 14 '08 at 22:39

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