I'm trying to export some group memberships all to one CSV file so I can find users who are not in our domain. Everything works great, but when all the outputs get appended I can't see what group each entry is in. Here's what I have now.

$Groups = import-csv "C:\users\USER\desktop\secgroupinput2.csv"
foreach($item in $Groups)

Get-ADGroupMember -Server "SERVERDC" -Identity $item.directoryname | export-csv "C:\users\USER\desktop\realexport.csv" -Append

How can I add a row between appends with the group name, likely from the import?



I did something similar in the past. Hope this code helps :

Function ADGroupMembers
$group = get-content C:\Pshell\PM\group.txt 
$i =25

if (get-QADgroup $group[$i] -Empty 0) 
    {write-output ''; Write-Output -inputobject "The $($group[$i]) group members :"; write-output ''; 
 get-QADGroupMember $group[$i] -IncludeAllProperties | Format-Table -AutoSize DisplayName, Type, Office, Company, Department, Title, WhenCreated  | Out-String -Width 4096; 
 write-output ''} 

else {Write-Output -inputobject "*** Member not found in the $($group[$i]) group!"; write-output ''}
$i +=1}
while ($i -ne $group.length)

ADGroupMembers | out-File 'c:\Pshell\PM\groupmemberdetails.txt'

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