Firebug and eclipse both let me step through code using function keys. Does Safari have equivalent capabilities?

  • What shortcut is used to go to a specific line in Debugger section of Safari (e.g. I want to navigate instantly to a specific line in .js file)? Thank you. – Yaroslav Trofimov Aug 23 '19 at 11:16

The Scripts Debugger was updated to support some popular keyboard shortcuts:

  • Continue — F8 or Command-/ on a Mac or Control-/ on other platforms.
  • Step Over — F10 or Command- on a Mac or Control- on other platforms.
  • Step Into — F11 or Command-; on a Mac or Control-; on other platforms.
  • Step Out — Shift-F11 or Shift-Command-; on a Mac or Shift-Control-; on other platforms.
  • Next Call Frame — Control-. on all platforms.
  • Previous Call Frame — Control-, on all platforms.
  • Evaluate Selection When on a Breakpoint — Shift-Command-E on a Mac or Shift-Control-E on other platforms.

Credit goes to: http://webkit.org/blog/829/web-inspector-updates/

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    +1 those <kbd> tags are a menace. Why don't they work in comments?? Also, it's pretty neat how F8 on my Mac is the Play/Pause media button. – Steven Lu Mar 22 '13 at 2:13

F1 in the Web Inspector shows a help screen with all the keys. (Safari version 5.1.2)


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You can also use ⌃⌘Y or ⌘\ to pause the Safari JS debugger when the Debugger tab is active.

Tooltips are your friend :)

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In my case is different, I'm using Safari 13 on macOS (Catalina)

  • F6 - Step over
  • F7 - Step into
  • F8 - Step out

I found these from here

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