I am trying to parse this xml string using simplexml in android:

<meta http-equiv=\"content-type\" content=\"text/html; charset=UTF-8\">
<door id=\"1\" status=\"Closed\">
<door id=\"2\" status=\"Closed\">
<door id=\"3\" status=\"Closed\">
<door id=\"4\" status=\"Open\">

Yes, I know that the door tags should close immediately instead of after all the door tags have been declared, I have no control over this html!!!

I have a Doors class, and a Door class with attributes id and status. (The Doors class has a List)

Anyway, what seems to be breaking is the parsing of the tag:

The Exception thrown is:

expected: /meta read: head (position:END_TAG </head>@1:87 in java.io.StringReader@41ddc090)

I can see that it was expecting a closing meta tag, which doesn't exist. This tag is useless to me, how can I skip it? I just care about the door ids/statuses.


Also, in case you care about the classes:


@Root(name="doors", strict=false)
public class Doors {
private List<Door> doorList;

public Doors(){};

public List<Door> getDoors(){
    return doorList;

public int getNumDoors(){
    return doorList==null ? 0 : doorList.size();


public class Door {
private String id;
private String status;

public String getID(){
    return id;
public String getStatus(){
    return status;

you can remove the meta tag or even the head tag from the document before passing it to the parser. If it is stored in a string use this

  • Thanks, I'll just have to do this. I was hoping to be able to iterate over the tag completely, but since it's hardcoded and not subject to change, String.replace will do fine. – Matthew Darnell Apr 18 '16 at 23:25

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