Looking for suggestions on how I can modify the example dimple.js code in link below so the output is a filled/unfilled circle depending on the value of the 'Channel' variable?


Picture below is an example of the result I am looking to achieve.

result looking for


You can just do:

chart.assignColor("Supermarkets", "transparent", "blue");

Where the third parameter is whatever you want the outline colour to be. If you want thicker borders like your picture you can do that after drawing with:

svg.selectAll("circle").style("stroke-width", 5);

To be a bit more specific you can assign the series to a variable and access them that way:

var series = myChart.addSeries("Channel", dimple.plot.bubble);
series.shapes.style("stroke-width", 5);

Or you can set the stroke-width in CSS.

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