is there any shortcut for move a selected code block up and down in android studio?

In Visual Studio 2010+ I just select my block, hold ALT-Key and press arrow up / arrow down. Then, the selected block float up/down.

Is there a similar action in Android Studio?


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Try Ctrl-Shift-Up or down arrow. I know intellij and as this is based on intellij that might work.

  • What if i want to move selected code, in a line, to left or right
    – user4774371
    Mar 15, 2018 at 8:06

You can use Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down Arrows to move the selected block up or down.

Here is a list of shortcut keys for Windows&Linux.


On Mac:

Command + Shift + Up/down arrows

  • notice it have this by default - this is the most stupidest hotkey they could have chosen for mac. cmd+shift up down is a native hotkey for selecting all text from the cursor and down/up (don't have home/end/page up/page down on the keyboard) - changing this hotkey right now!
    – Endless
    Feb 20 at 21:42

I try on Mac Cmd + Shift + Up/Down, work fine and not conflict with others MacOs shortcut

on Window user Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down

You can modify it on reference / type shortcut in search

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