Is it possible to use Crashlytics without installing Fabric?
Right now, I have used Crashlytics by using Fabric.


But now I want to use Crashlytics without using Fabric.


Is it possible to use Crashlytics without installing Fabric?

NO. Crashlytics is under the Fabric framework.

  • Thank you, but as we know Fabric framework having four functionality : [Crashlytics, Twitter, Digits, MoPub] and I only want to use Crashlytics, so how can I remove others? – Mradul Mathur Apr 20 '16 at 4:23
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    Just do #import <Crashlytics/Crashlytics.h> ... And of course the three frameworks will not be used. Don't worry, as I've learned in Harvard's lecture in iOS - I watched it online, the #import is smart enough to know what you just need. While the #include in C programming language will literally include all your stuff to your program. – Glenn Apr 20 '16 at 4:34
  • Ok cool. Thank you so much for the detailed info. If you have got any information please share it. – Mradul Mathur Apr 20 '16 at 4:41
  • Welcome, Mradul. You might want to select my answer as your 'answer' if you got what you needed. – Glenn Apr 20 '16 at 4:47
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    @SMS - Integrating Crashlytics will need you to import two frameworks. The Fabric and the Crashlytics. So, you will have to have #import <Fabric/Fabric.h> #import <Crashlytics/Crashlytics.h> Just follow the easy step-by-step instruction in your Fabric Desktop App, and everything will be fine. – Glenn Apr 20 '16 at 6:38

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