I am working on dropwizard-maven project.How can we convert the jar file to war file and deploy it in tomcat server.If anyone knows,kindly help.


You cannot just simply convert a jar file to a war file. A Web archive has a structure to be followed and there is no straight forward way to convert the type.

What you can do is, create a web application, import the jar file as dependency and make endpoints in the webapp to trigger calls in the jar you have.

You might need to take a look into why you are using dropwizard, if you are planning to deploy it in a tomcat server.

You might find the below link helpful.



Add maven war plugin in your pom.xml and run command clean install to generate war file.


You should try wizard in a box, it will let you deploy a Dropwizard application to a Tomcat container as a war.


In the case of a Spring project, Add this to pom.xml.


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