I have a link to the Google sheets:


I want to link this data directly with R and store it in a data frame .

Tried many things shared on the internet but nothing worked at all .

In fact here is the link to the stackoverflow question, it is quite long and confusing and doesn't work in this case .

Any ideas ?


To import the googlesheet as a data.frame in R:

# install.packages("googlesheets")



dat2<-gs_read(dat,ws = 1, range="A1:C6")

The data frame is return as:

> dat2
Source: local data frame [5 x 3]

      A     B     V
  (int) (int) (int)
1     1     5     0
2     2     4     9
3     3     3     8
4     4     2     7
5     5     1     6

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