I found (use '[clojure.java.shell :only [sh]]) for executing shell commands with clojure. Now, while (sh "ls" "-a") does the job, (sh "ls" "-a" "| grep" "Doc") doesn't. What's the trick?

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clojure.java.shell/sh executes a command (the first argument passed to sh function) with specified arguments (the rest of the parameters passed to sh).

When you execute:

(sh "ls" "-a" "| grep" "Doc")

you ask to execute ls with parameters -a, | grep and Doc.

When you type ls -a | grep Doc in your terminal then the shell interprets it as executing ls, taking its std out and pass it as std in to another process (grep) that should be started by the shell.

You could simulate what the shell is doing by starting ls as one process, take its std output and then execute grep passing output from ls as its input.

The simpler solution would be to just ask a shell process to execute everything as if it was typed in terminal:

(sh "bash" "-c" "ls -a | grep Doc")

It's important to pass -c and ls ... as separate arguments so bash gets them as a separate parameters. You also need to have the whole command you want to execute as one string (ls -a | grep Doc). Otherwise only the first argument after -c will be treated as a command. For example this won't do what you would like:

(sh "bash" "-c" "ls -a" "|" "grep Doc")

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    This is a very well-explained answer, thank you! Now just for pure knowledge, is there a way of doing it by actually sending the output of (":out (sh "ls" "-a")) to another (sh "grep" "Doc")? – shakedzy Apr 20 '16 at 11:07
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    You can use :in option of sh to pass the value of :out from a previous process. However, using it you loose the feature of streaming of data from one process to another - you will buffer all the output from one process and when it finishes you will pass all its contents to another one. Shell uses pipelines where data is streamed from one process to another without need to buffer everything. You could use java.lang.Runtime.exec() and java.lang.Process.getOutputStream to obtain the output data from the first process and pass it to the next, but Clojure sh doesn't support it. – Piotrek Bzdyl Apr 20 '16 at 11:16
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    You can also take a look at github.com/Raynes/conch. It supports pipelines: github.com/Raynes/conch#piping – Piotrek Bzdyl Apr 20 '16 at 11:17

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