I already have a New Terminal at Folder service when I right click on a folder in Finder.

Now I would also like to be able to right click anywhere in a Finder window (i.e. on the whitespace surrounding the files and folders), and have the option to New Terminal here.

I have the following Automator script (Run AppleScript with no input in Finder) right now:

tell application "Finder"
    set this_folder to (folder of the front Finder window) as alias
end tell

tell application "Terminal"
    do script "cd \"" & (POSIX path of (this_folder as string)) & "\""
end tell

This works when I right click on a folder - it opens a new Terminal window in the folder I'm standing in (not the one I right clicked).

Now, is it possible to get this service to appear when right clicking on the whitespace (or at least on files as well as folders)?


I just found this app that can be placed in the Finder toolbar and does exactly what I need. However, it would still be interesting to know if it is possible to achieve using a service.

  • Plain AppleScript can not detect mouse events and Automator Services need the Input specified to appear in the Services contextual menu. To get the parent folder of a selected folder write set this_folder to (container of folder of the front Finder window) as alias. I'd prefer the toolbar way. – vadian Apr 20 '16 at 11:18

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