I have an MVC 6 (ASP.NET 5) solution and I would like to have a way to easily "install" a new layout in Visual Studio 2015.

I have the following files


An ideal solution would would backup any files that would be overwritten such as the _Layout.cshtml file and would return on an uninstall. Then the files will appear in the installed project. I should be able to create a new MVC 6 app from Visual Studio 2015 and quickly "install this layout."

I tried Nuget and Bower. I'd try Powershell but I hear that's why Nuget doesn't work.

Bower seems to only for client side packages.

I tried using Nuget Package Explorer to create the package and created every variation of folder structures (src, tools, content, "normal" folders, native).

I thought Nuget would be perfect for this but it appears Nuget can't even add css or js to an MVC 6 project. I think this is a Powershell issue.

  1. Nuget's github Open issue #1521
  2. StackOverflow: MVC 6 reference Jquery after adding via Nuget
  • I've posted a similar answer to on how to package stuff in wwwroot into class library at stackoverflow.com/a/36200496/455493. It may not be exactly your use case (i.e. you can't override the _Layout.cshtml easily) but may be a start. The same technique also works for Razor, when you use .AddRazorOptions(...) and options.FileProviders.Add(new EmbeddedFileProvider(...)) – Tseng Apr 21 '16 at 6:48
  • 1
    The issue you are facing here is, that the new nuget (or rather dnx/dotnet-cli doesn't run any powershell scripts anymore iirc (which old package manger Install-Package did) after package restore – Tseng Apr 21 '16 at 6:51
  • Powershell was going to be my next attempt. I tried bower last night because I thought I could override the default wwwroot/lib folder. Apparently on the project's .bowerrc file is considered. – Paul Totzke Apr 21 '16 at 13:27

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