I just learned how to create a variable product, and it mostly works, even showing up on the webpage with the proper variations in the dropdown list. Each variation does have an sku #, but when I try to plug that number into the SKU field for each of the two variations, and then click "Save" (and then update the product), I get an error message for each variation, outlined in a red box, saying :

7210 – Variation SKU must be unique.

7209 – Variation SKU must be unique.

The SKU numbers for each variation are unique. I don't have any products with those sku values on the Products page.

Screen shot of the event, showing both variations, their prices, and the sku numbers I'm entering (note: upon saving & updating the page, the sku numbers will clear from the sku fields, I presume because the plugin thinks they aren't unique sku numbers?) enter image description here

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    I see I'm getting revenge downvotes because of an answer I gave on another forum. This question has been sitting idle for one month, and suddenly within 18 hours, 3 downvotes. So much for the integrity of StackOverflow. – TARKUS Jun 9 '16 at 16:42

This fixed it for me. In the database, I performed this query:

SELECT * FROMwp_postmetaWHERE meta_key LIKE '_sku'

At 30 records per page, and 6 pages, on page 6 I found duplicates of the sku #s that were giving errors. In phpMyAdmin I deleted those records, and suddenly I was able to use the correct sku #s on variable products with no errors.

I attribute the solution to this question url

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