I am having a lot of trouble doing something that seems obvious. I have a date:


I want it in milliseconds from epoch. I cannot get that to work. I have tried:


var date = Date.now();
var ms = date.getTime();
var ms = date.getMilliseconds();

All of these fail because apparently getTime() and getMilliseconds() (which I don't think is the correct approach anyways) are apparently not functions.

What am I doing wrong here?


Date.now() already returns ms from epoch, not a Date object...

Date.now is a method in the Date namespace1, same as Math.random is for Math.
Date (unlike Math) is also a constructor. Used like new Date(), it will return a Date object.

1. A property of Date, which is a function/object


You already have the value you want.

var numberOfMillisecondsSinceEpoch = Date.now();

You're attempting to call methods on a Date object, such as you'd get for the current date by calling new Date(). That's not necessary or appropriate if you're using Date.now(), which returns a number instead.

For platforms that don't provide Date.now(), you can convert the current Date object to a number to get the same value.

var numberOfMillisecondsSinceEpoch = Number(new Date());
Number(new Date()) === Date.now() // if your system is quick enough

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