I'm trying to use cl-sdl2 with Clozure Common Lisp (on MS-Windows, although I'd think it should work as-is on other platforms and compilers) to draw to two individual graphics windows. When I try the code below:

(ql:quickload "sdl2")
(require :sdl2)

(defun make-two-SDL-2-windows ()
  (let* ((win1 (sdl2:create-window :title "Win 1" :w 400 :h 400))
         (ren1 (sdl2:create-renderer win1))
         (win2 (sdl2:create-window :title "Win 2" :w 300 :h 300))
         (ren2 (sdl2:create-renderer win2)))
    (sdl2:with-event-loop (:method :poll)
        (:keysym keysym)
        (when (sdl2:scancode= (sdl2:scancode-value keysym) :scancode-escape)
           (sdl2:push-event :quit)))
      (:idle ()
          (sdl2:render-present ren1)
          (sdl2:render-present ren2)))
      (:quit () 
          (sdl2:destroy-renderer ren1)
          (sdl2:destroy-renderer ren2)
          (sdl2:destroy-window win1)
          (sdl2:destroy-window win2)

(defun main ()
  (sdl2:init :everything)
  (process-run-function "window" #'make-two-SDL-2-windows))


...both of the new windows created "hang", and don't respond/redraw to keypress or mouse movements. I've tried to base this snippet on what I found in the SDL2 examples. I must be misunderstanding how to use the cl-sdl2 wrapper for the event loop, or something similar. Has anyone had success in using multiple windows and SDL2 with Common Lisp?

Here's a working version, thanks to help from Rei:

(defun make-two-SDL-2-windows ()
  (sdl2:with-init (:everything)
    (sdl2:with-window (win1 :title "Win1" :flags '(:shown))
      (sdl2:with-window (win2 :title "Win2" :flags '(:shown))
        (sdl2:with-renderer (ren1 win1 :flags '(:renderer-accelerated))
          (sdl2:with-renderer (ren2 win2 :flags '(:renderer-accelerated))
             (sdl2:with-event-loop (:method :poll)
                 (:keysym keysym)
                   (when (sdl2:scancode= (sdl2:scancode-value keysym)  :scancode-escape)
                      (sdl2:push-event :quit)))
                     (sdl2:set-render-draw-color ren1 0 0 255 255)
                     (sdl2:set-render-draw-color ren2 0 255 0 255)
                     (sdl2:render-draw-line ren1 150 20 100 300)
                     (sdl2:render-draw-line ren2 20 20 150 150)
                     (sdl2:render-present ren1)
                     (sdl2:render-present ren2)))
                 (:quit () t))))))))

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You defined two windows and renderers without actually using them in the event loop; use sdl2:with-renderer and sdl2:with-window to bind them.

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    Excellent! Thanks for the answer. I don't know why I didn't try this the first time. Apr 22, 2016 at 15:09

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