This question was asked and answered in 2011. However, the web scene has taken a considerable change and now IE6 and IE7 are out, IE8-10 are barely out (under 1% each) and only IE11 is still there.

So, in 2016, do you need to manually remove event listeners to avoid memory leaks? Consider only IE11 for the answer please. I am asking because I created a small library as an alternative to jQuery and would love to know if I have to remove them manually first. Of course the question is when using vanilla javascript, not jQuery.

  • Hey @BrianTompsett-汤莱恩, as you can see there is a 5 year gap and that makes a world of a difference. In the linked question, the answer is "yes", while when I asked this question in 2016 the answer was "no". So it's definitely not a duplicate. – Francisco Presencia Sep 20 '19 at 16:56


See these answers:


  • This article claims the DOM + JS reference cycle memory leak was fixed in IE8.

Edit: The article linked above is gone. Here is a wayback machine snapshot.

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